How to create drama in a garden

Geoff Stonebanks dresses his garden like a film set to create drama at every...

Autumn Bird Care – Nesting and Roosting

Give your garden birds the very best support to see them through autumn and...

Late season grow your own advice

Late September marks a period of great activity in the edible garden. Martyn Cox...

Why is autumn the best time for planning and planting?

Geoff Hodge offers some timely advice on planning and planting in autumn for seasonal...

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What are Tree Lilies?

Looking like lilies on steroids, tree lilies produce towering stems that are capable of carrying up to 30, dinner plate sized blooms in summer. Apart from their dramatic good looks, the flowers possess an intoxicating scent that makes spending time...

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Meet Martyn Cox

Spreading the love of gardening in a friendly accessible way is at the very core of Richard Jackson’s Garden. That’s why we are delighted to welcome Martyn Cox as our NEW Brand Ambassador

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Growing cosmos for cut flowers

Cosmos are one of the easiest, most rewarding flowers you can grow in your garden. Their simple, open flowers have a friendly, smiley, summery demeanor and can be planted in beds, borders, pots and containers all around your garden with...

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Five Chelsea 2018 Show Gardens

As the dawn lifts on this year’s RHS Chelsea Flower Show, Main Avenue is liberally seasoned with glorious show gardens to inspire and enthrall the crowds. Once again the garden designers have worked their magic with the plant nurseries and...

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Five great hepaticas

When it comes to early spring flowers, Hepaticas are among the most beautiful. On bright sunny days their flowers open wide to display their simple beauty and unobtrusive charm.

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