Plant rescue

If you know what you are doing, you can save money by buying and...

How can I attract more birds for the Big Garden Bird Watch?

If you are taking part in the Big Garden Bird Watch you will want...

How can I garden to save the planet?

Sometimes global issues can make us feel helpless but we can all make changes...

Understand your soil

Beginner gardeners could be forgiven for thinking that soil is just, well soil. Martyn...

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How to grow supermarket basil

How to make the most of supermarket basil. You can make your pot of supermarket basil last much longer by potting it into a larger pot. It’s one gardening job that is easy and will save you money!

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Grow broad beans

Broad beans are an easy vegetable to grow and much more robust than French or runner beans. Why not give them a go in your garden this year?

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