The perfect Christmas tree

The lovely Nordmann Fir Christmas trees are my top choice for many reasons. Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees look beautiful, with glossy, deep green foliage held on well shaped branches. The scented needles are soft and safe for children and pets. And, of course, they don’t drop their needles. We’ve selected a special range of more symmetrical, pyramid shaped trees that are much better suited for most homes. They’re slightly easier and lighter to handle too (a huge plus as far as I’m concerned). And they’re easier to decorate too!

Choose your tree size

First things first, decide where your tree will go. The ideal spot is a corner away from direct heat and safe from excited toddlers, tail-wagging pets and merry adults. If you intend to put your tree on a table or you have a special stand, don’t forget to subtract the height of those things from the total height of the space for the tree – and don’t forget room for the fairy!

150/180cm (approx. 5ft)

£55 inc delivery

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180/210cm (approx. 6ft)

£65 inc delivery

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210/240 cm (approx. 7ft)

£75 inc delivery

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240/270cm (approx. 8ft)

£85 inc delivery

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IMPORTANT: Delivery will take place week commencing 30th November.
All trees are measured in 30cm categories. For example a 180/210cm tree could be between 180cm and 210cm in total height, please make sure you allow for this variation when measuring your space. Delivery to mainland UK only.

Need a tree stand?

This is sheer genius! The best Christmas tree stand that I’ve ever used. Simply slot the tree in the centre of the stand, press the pedal and the four linked clamps fix the tree upright and securely in place, in a matter of seconds!  Even the water reservoir is clever. Extremely well made, I highly recommend it.

Krinner christmas tree stand in box

Ultimate Christmas Tree Stand


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For years, I’ve struggled with Christmas tree stands. I’ve used all sorts, from metal stands with side screws that take ages to adjust and never seem to hold the tree quite upright to cheaper, plastic models that are huge, ugly and aren’t quite up to the job. This is so much better. Insert the tree, push the foot pedal down and four clamps, held by a patented single cable, holds the tree in place, secure and straight. The stand holds up to 3 litres of water and the indicator pops up when the water level is high enough. Simply top up with more water when the indicator goes down.

  • Simple, easy to use and high quality.
  • Holds trees up to 2.3m (6.5ft) high.
  • Holds trees with a trunk up to 11cm in diameter*.
  • Hold up to 3 litres of water, with a pop-up water level indicator.
  • Neat and sturdy, only 34cm wide.
  • Weight 4kg.
  • Made in Germany by Krinner, the leading manufacturer of premium Christmas tree stands, and has a 5 year manufacturers warranty.

Why NeedleFresh Trees?

When you buy one of our Christmas trees, you are buying a tree that has been specially grown for you with years of care and attention to detail. We hope you feel as happy about buying a Needlefresh tree from us as we do selling them.

Quality and Freshness – Guaranteed

We aim to deliver the very best quality trees direct from the field, to guarantee that you buy a tree which is almost as fresh as the day it was cut. All our trees are grown from specially selected seeds, which are nurtured into seedlings in specialist nurseries before being planted out. Every tree is individually cared for by hand for as many as 12 years to supply you with the most beautiful, best quality tree.

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Great shape and longer lasting

The Nordmann fir is best known for its fantastic needle holding ability. It’s impressive glossy, rich green foliage on tiered branches make this tree perfect for displaying large and decorative baubles. With its soft family-friendly needles, you can make decorating this tree a great family occasion.

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Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees Being Decorated
Nordmann Fir Christmas Trees being planted

The Environment

We care about the environment and the animals and plants near our growing trees. Our growers use as few chemicals as possible and where they do use them, they only use those fully approved and tested to ensure they have minimal impact to flora, fauna and water courses. Wherever trees have been harvested, each grower ensures that at least 2 trees are planted to replace it.

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