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Richard Jackson in his potting shedWe had such a great response to our plant trial last year that this time not only are we running it again this year, but we’ve got even more plants for you to trial! I’ve teamed up with Thompson & Morgan, Plants2Gardens and Montrose of Guernsey to offer you the opportunity to trial some very exciting new plants a season or so before anyone else!

We’ve listed all the plants below, and there are some crackers here – and some are so new that we don’t even have a photo yet! If you’d like to be apply for the trial, please fill in the form and submit before Monday 20 March. If you’re chosen, I’d like you to make a few notes during the season and also to take some photographs when the plants are in full flower/crop. Towards the end of the season, we’ll be back in touch to ask you how you got on, and I’d love to see your photographs when you send in your brief report.


Thank you yo everyone who has registered. We will contact those who have been successful over the next week. Unfortunately if you don’t hear from us, you haven’t been successful this time.

Please make yourself familiar with the terms and conditions of the trial.

  • Rhododendron ‘Pink and Sweet’

    This outstanding late-flowering deciduous azalea really lives up to its name. The purplish-pink, two-tone, semi-double flowers have a golden flare in the throat and a delightful, rich, spicy-sweet fragrance, covering the plant in May and June. It needs a lightly shaded position and an acidic/lime-free soil, or grow it in a pot with ericaceous compost. Height 1.2m (4ft); Spread 90cm (3ft).

  • Dianthus ‘Cosmic Pink Swirls’

    This is one of the very best new varieties of garden pinks bred in recent years. A hardy, evergreen perennial it will reward you with masses of vibrant pink and white striped, splashed and flecked flowers from May to September for many years. Needs a sunny position and well-drained soil.
    Height Up to 40cm (16in); spread 30cm (12in).

  • Fuchsia Collection

    2 plants each of ‘Chilli Red’, ‘Fairy Lights’ and ‘Thumbelina Gem’. This is a collection featuring hardy varieties in a complementary range of bright red, pastel pink/purple and red and purple flowers. They flower all summer long and well into autumn until the first of the severe frosts. They’re perfect for bringing massed colour to beds, borders and containers.

  • Penstemon ‘Pentastic’

    Pentastic penstemons are hardy
    perennials and look wonderful in beds and borders, as well as mixed plantings in containers or grown on their own. These fantastic, compact, UK-bred plants branch well to produce compact, bushy growth and produce very large, bicoloured flowers in either pink, red or rose with a distinctive, contrasting white throat. Height 30cm (12in); Spread 15cm (6in).

  • Felicia ‘Bellicia’

    Felicias have always been popular summer bedding plants, but until now they have been a bit unreliable in our British summers. That all changes with ‘Bellicia’, which has vastly improved weather tolerance. This free-flowering, UK-bred variety boasts masses of stunning daisy-like, bright blue flowers with a bright yellow centre. Height Up to 30cm (12in).

  • Petunia ‘Happy Classic Baby Pink White’

    The deliciously subtle, large, pink and white bicoloured flowers cover the plant all summer and well into autumn, until the first severe frosts. It is mound forming – perfect for beds, borders and pots – but also has a trailing habit – perfect for all containers. Height Up to 40cm (16in).

  • Lily ‘Tasman’

    ‘Tasman’ is an exclusive new Oriental lily. It produces as many flowers per bulb as 'Stargazer', but they are twice the size of ‘Stargazer’, more vibrant and distinct, and do not fade! They also look better on the plant and the perfume is lighter and sweeter, whereas ‘Stargazer’ can be pungent and overpowering. ‘Tasman’ also has much stronger, deep green foliage.
    Height Up to 1.2m (4ft).

  • Petunia, experimental

    This petunia produces flowers with real “wow Factor” – they are the biggest flowers ever seen on a cascading petunia. Just look at the comparison in the picture.

  • Rhoeas poppy, experimental

    This new variety of common or corn poppy is hardy and already a Gold Medal winning variety.

  • Begonia, experimental

    This begonia produces large flowers with an excellent scent. Grow it close to the house to enjoy the fragrance.

  • Sweet pea, experimental

    This sweet pea may take you by surprise when it flowers – it produces a unique flower shape when the flowers open!

  • Hibiscus, experimental

    This hardy, outdoor hibiscus produces extra large flowers and is one of the best flowering hibiscus around.

  • Zinnia, experimental

    2017 is officially the Year of the Zinnia and, unlike many other varieties, this one performs brilliantly in the good old British climate.

  • Dahlia XXL, experimental

    A new variety in the knockout XXL range – so called for their extra, extra large giant flowers.

  • Potato, experimental

    This tasty early variety produces mini potatoes. Comes with a growing kit containing compost and fertiliser.