Slug and Snail Control

The safer way to protect your plants

For most gardeners, slugs and snails are the number one pest. There are many ways to deal with them, from biological controls to physical barriers, but each method has its own limitations. Many gardeners use slug pellets but there are concerns about the effects of the traditional metaldehyde based pellets on pets, wildlife and the environment.

I’m pleased to introduce a safer form of pellet that is not only incredibly effective, but also, if used as directed, does not harm birds, pets, hedgehogs, worms or bees. They are made from naturally occurring ferric phosphate and are certified for organic use. I believe they are an environmentally friendly and better way to protect your plants from slugs and snails.

Customer reviews

I just managed to buy this before it quickly sold out. And how glad I was to have it. It has given the needed protection for my young and tender plants. I no longer need to check my plants late at night to get rid of the slug and snail pests. A little goes a long way and the 1.2kgs will last quite some time. An excellent product that I will certainly buy again.

QVC website review

I have used this and to date I have not had any snail trails or even seen one. Thank you Richard for another great product.

QVC website review

I am one happy bunny. I have rabbits and was worried about using slug pellets as I didn’t want to make my girls poorly. One of them is now disabled so their hutch is on one level on the floor, too close to the slugs for my liking. I was finding slime trails in their food bowl! Thank you Richard! Finally someone has listened and made an animal friendly solution. I’ve already recommend to a friend. The slugs just disappeared. No mess. Please consider making a pet friendly range for your gardening products. I love it!

QVC website review