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Premium Triple Use Grass Seed

As a gardener, I know how important it is to use a good quality grass seed. I’ve worked with the world’s leading grass seed producer to develop a professional quality blend of top performing varieties of grass seed, each of which contributes its own special characteristics. My premium mix is fast growing and hard wearing, tolerant of both drought and shade, as well as being easy to maintain. It’s a terrific all round mix for growing a new lawn from scratch and it’s also superb for patching gaps in old lawns as well as transforming tired lawns.

1 x Premium Triple Use lawn seed (625g) - sow a new lawn up to 17 square metres, transform up to 25 square metres of existing lawn, or treat up to 36 patches up to 45cm (18") across.
All measurements are approximate.

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Customer reviews

Very Happy – grass is lush!!!
Bought this product recently as my lawn in my new house was patchy and sparse. Some of my garden gets the sun, other parts are in shade much of the day. I purchased this seed as it was a mixture for all lawn types. I am very happy with the results. Sprinkled the seed over the current lawn patches before I went on holiday. Came back after a week to a very green, lush lawn growing!! (we were lucky and the end of May had much rain!) I’m really happy with results and will be buying more and telling friends about it!

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Neat and Strong
Spring 2014, had to repair a lawn that was infested with Couch grass. Richard Jackson’s lawn seed was used mostly and, where it was used, it is excellent. It looks strong and neat and has blended in with the old lawn very well. On some of the lawn I used grass seed from a garden centre and that has not blended in well at all with the original lawn. It is growing very tall and is not pleasing. I highly recommend Richard’s grass seed. I just wished I had used only Richard’s seed.

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I bought this grass seed with some scepticism for a large patch of lawn which was so patchy from being under a huge willow tree nothing had ever worked. I couldn’t believe that within 2 weeks of sewing this seed the lawn had started to grow back and within a month was completely transformed. This product combined with Richards lawn feed has given me a thick, green, durable lawn even in the very shady areas. The only down side now is having to mow a lot more regularly, which let’s face it, is a good problem to have.

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