Richard Jackson’s Premium Plant Food… now even better!

My top rated, top performing Plant food now includes bio-active technology – a major advance in plant nutrition

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New Generation Flower Power

Over the past ten years, Flower Power has helped tens of thousands of gardeners, from beginners to enthusiasts, grow fabulous flowers, fruits and vegetables. I’m especially proud that many gardeners have been kind enough to call it ‘the best plant food they’ve ever used’.

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Now, with added bio-active technology

Now I’ve added something very special and new to Flower Power, some very special natural bio-stimulants, that can help plants absorb and use nutrients even faster and more efficiently, giving them the potential to grow even better flowers, fruits and vegetables. I tested them in my garden last year and was really impressed by the results. So impressed that I’ve now added these natural plant extracts to Flower Power!

All the goodness and more!

These bio-stimulants, humic, fulvic and amino acids, are made from totally natural plant extracts. They are becoming increasingly used by leading professional growers and I’m delighted to include this major advance in plant nutrition in Flower Power. Rest assured, It’s still the same much loved formula, packed with the same nutrients, but now it also includes new Bio-Active technology to help your plants absorb and use those special Flower Power nutrients faster and even more effectively.

Flower Power with new Bio-Active technology is Today’s Special Value on QVC. And there’s an auto-delivery option too, so that 90 days later, you can receive another tub at the TSV price. My 2.4kg Flower Power Plant Food with Bio-Active Formula is available now on QVC for £24.98 (plus p&p).
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I’m absolutely thrilled with how my hanging baskets have performed this year. My best ever, all thanks to Flower Power.
Rose Tabberer


I’ve used Flower Power for several years & the results are outstanding.
Jane Usher

The best product

Flower Power is by far the best product you can buy. The plants are bigger, stronger and last for months. Thank you for a wonderful product.
Robert Horn

SAVE OVER £10 – Buy now on QVC