Richard Jackson’s Lawn Magic… for a green, healthy and great looking lawn.

A few years ago, I came across a professional lawn feed that was used by groundsmen responsible for some of the best venues in the country including some top premier league football grounds, rugby pitches, bowling greens and golf courses. I was very impressed but, knowing that home gardeners have slightly different needs, wanted to develop my own version.

After trials on my own lawn and then testing it at a very important sports ground, I introduced Richard Jackson’s Lawn Magic. I’m delighted how well it works – it greens the grass in days, builds a stronger, more resilient root system and enables the grass to cope better during droughts or excess rain. As one of the recent reviews says ‘it does work like magic!’

Customer reviews

All your products give fabulous results, and I have just ordered your lawn magic, which I have also been using for the past 3 years, this too has transformed our lawns which are very large, and now look like a bowling green.

Mrs Joyce Davenport | From the Wirral, Merseyside

I bought it (Lawn Magic) about three weeks ago … here you can see the result just ten days or so after application. Now, being a bit of a lawn slave, I have been looking for that product that would give that little something extra in terms of grass quality and presentation. Well, after 16 years of toil with this lawn, I can excitedly say, I have found it at last. If anyone is thinking of buying your lawn food, please tell them to stop thinking about it, buy it now. My lawns are the envy of everyone who has commented on them.

Mark Springall | Norfolk

Last year, my friend’s daughter suggested that I tried Lawn Magic. whilst I initially winced at the price, I agreed. Now, having applied it for a full year, I’m convinced that it is the best lawn feed and treatment I have ever used. The attached photo was taken at the end of April, some six weeks after the first treatment of the year and as you can see the lawn looks thick, green and weed free (and in the background you can see a section of lawn that hasn’t had quite the same treatment).

We’ve already ordered this year supply of Lawn Magic and are about to apply the second treatment. Thanks Richard. I can’t praise your product too highly.

Stephen Cook | Bury, Greater Manchester

I’ve been using Lawn Magic for two years now. What a fantastic product. My husband is from Liverpool, now our lawn looks like Anfield!

Nancy Beach | Coleraine, Northern Ireland

Just a month after feeding my lawn with Lawn Magic, it’s lush and very green! I use all your feeds and my garden looks wonderful. Friends say I should open it to the Public and I tell them it’s all thanks to your feeds and plants. I now call it my Richard Jackson Garden!

Dee Peet | Hale Barns, Cheshire