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How does it work?

It’s a bit like baby food for baby plants. The carefully balanced nutrients are formulated for the particular needs of the young plants. There’s a special type of nitrogen to promote the growth of young leaves and shoots, calcium which helps develop stronger, more resilient plants as well as magnesium and iron to encourage healthy growth.

Does it work?

Just look at these pictures of a trial done by a home gardener (not me!). 

(Pictured left, above) Pansy plants at first potting up stage. Plants on the left hand side (of the tray) were watered in with Young Plant Food. (Pictured right, above) A few weeks later ….. and the difference is really beginning to show.

(Pictured left, above) Look at what a difference Young Plant Food has made to the root system on the treated plants! (Pictured right, above) These plants were planted in a patio tub and watered in with Young Plant Food on 17th April.

(Pictured above) Look how quickly they’ve grown and established by 5th May!

How do I use it?

Add 5ml of the concentrated feed to one litre of water and stir well. Use the diluted feed to water your plants just before potting on and then to water them in. A couple of weeks later, give your plants a second feed with a fresh solution of Young Plant Food. Finally, when planting out the grown on plants into patio containers, window boxes, hanging baskets or into the garden, water your plants in with Young Plant Food to help them settle in more quickly. Once the plants are well established, start regular feeding with Flower Power.

When do I use it?

Use Young Plant Food through the young plant growing period, from March/April, and for planting out in May. It can also be used on autumn/winter plants and spring flowering plants during their key growing period in August and September.

How much does it make?

The 500ml bottle makes 100 litres of dilute feed. Kept in its concentrate form, it will keep indefinitely if stored in a frost free place.

Where can I buy it?

Young Plant Food is only available from QVC. Click here to buy it through their website.

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