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Premium Plant Food

Flower Power Premium Plant Food …
… for more flowers, fruits and vegetables

If you grow flowers, fruits and vegetables, this is the best fertiliser you can buy. Its extra high levels of potash produce amazing results for thousands of gardeners, from beginners to experts. See opposite for some of their comments.

The Flower Power difference

For years, I recommended using liquid tomato food to boost flowering and fruiting plants. But I knew that professional gardeners used better feeds and so developed my own version. I worked with Dr Arnie Rainbow, one of the UK’s top garden scientists, and trialled it in my own garden. I launched it on QVC and my special plant feed is now one of their top selling lines.

NEW: Now also available in a super soluble version which can be used in hose-end sprayers as well as in watering cans.

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Richard Jackson's own Flower Power plant food experiment


Don't just take my word for it

Thousands of happy gardeners, from beginners to greenfingered guru's, use my Flower Power plant feed and obtain stunning results. To see their comments and results, click here.

Hunter_stokeontrent Mr & Mrs Hunter
We thought our clematis’ life was over until we gave it Flower Power. This year it has gone crazy, producing some 180 flowers.
J-Bradnam_FP-review Jean Bradnam  –  Derby
From just 4 bulbs, my two year old lilies have produced 107 flowers. They have been fed with Flower Power and Root Booster. They are quite amazing.
Goose_Glos-1 Alan Goose  –  Glos
I’ve been gardening for 50 years and was very cynical about your claims, however, I agreed to change from my normal feeds and the results have been astonishing.
Orchids-Smithson_Premium Plant Food customer review Mrs A Smithson  –  Worthing
Your Flower Power really packs a punch. I’ve been using it for some time now and don’t think that I could do without it.
c-powell-nhants C. Powell  –  Northampton
We had these begonias last year, fed them with Flower Power, which is the best feed we have ever had, and look at the fantastic display.