Bye Bye Battersea

Posted by Richard Jackson on June 12, 2012

It’s challenging enough moving house so imagine what it must be like moving a whole office and studios. Well, the QVC team moved last week, it was incredibly well organised and we’ve settled in surprisingly quickly.

I was sad to leave our Battersea studios, I’ve so many fond memories of working there. I used to love driving along the Embankment every week, admiring the Battersea Power Station which dominated the local landscape. I’ve got a small memento of those happy days, a framed print of the cover of the Pink Floyd album ‘Animals’ that features the Power Station (plus inflatable pig!).

Our Chiswick base is amazing. We have got an outdoor garden set but due to the recent weather (!) we weren’t able to use it for our first gardening shows so, as the picture shows, we had to broadcast them from the studio.

At home, in between showers, I managed to get the last of my seed raised bedding plants planted – into borders, pots and a raised bed. I planted them all with a sprinkling of Root Booster (part of my Plant Booster kit) partly to help establish them faster but also as a way of saving nutrients and stopping them from leaching out of the soil and compost. The naturally occurring humates hold onto the nutrients like a sponge and re-release them to the plants, boosting healthier and better plant growth.

Much to my delight my Clare Austin peonies, planted last May, are in full bloom and they look mouth-watering, especially ‘Coral Charm’, I cut a few so so I could enjoy the flowers indoors too. The David Austin roses, which I moved last autumn, are covered in buds. Next week they should be fully open. If there’s a let up in all this rain, I’ll take a picture to show you!

Happy gardening