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Win with Flower Power!

Posted by Richard Jackson on April 10, 2014

I love showing viewers’ photographs of their beautiful plants and gardens on QVC. This year, those photographs could win up to £10,000!

We’ve joined forces with The Sun newspaper and the Horticultural Trades Association to find the best in the UK. There are five categories, from best container to best community or school garden, and the winner in each category will win £1,000 of Gardening gift tokens! And there’s a bonus £250 of tokens if you’ve used my high potash Flower Power plant food to feed your winning plants.

Second prize and third prize in each category is £500 and £250 of gift tokens respectively. My picture shows Flower Power fed fuchsias grown by Margaret Miller, a QVC viewer. If she enters, Margaret could well be a winner this year and so could you! QVC viewers grow some of the best plants and gardens I’ve ever seen so let’s show the world what we can do!

The categories are:

•Best container
•Best patio/balcony or roof garden
•Best front garden
•Best back garden
•Best community or school garden

To enter, simply send in photographs by 18th August 2014 of you with this year’s gardening success. Take an extra picture showing your plants with a pack of Flower Power if you want to be in with a chance of winning an extra £250! Send your entries to: Flower Power Competition, The Sun, 3 Thomas More Square, London, E98 1SN. Best of luck!

If you’ve run out of Flower Power, now’s a great time to buy it as it’s our gardening product of the month for April. Our bumper 1.5kg tub (which makes a whopping 300 gallons) is £22.98 with free postage and packing! There’s an auto-delivery option too, and you can order a second tub, at the same price with free p&p, to be delivered in 90 days’ time. Kept dry, it can last well into next year so lots of gardeners are taking advantage of the offer and making sure they get a second pack at this very special price. I’ve started to feed all my plants once a week with Flower Power and it’s wonderful watching them grow so quickly.

This weekend, I’m planning to plant out my sweet pea plants, spray the paving at the front of the house with Wet and Forget, pot up some summer colour for the greenhouse and treat my lawn to some more Lawn Magic (the first application of the season, five weeks ago transformed it after the ravages of the miserably wet winter). I’ve got to get a lot done this
weekend as we’ve lots of shows over the following Easter weekend (including two Today’s Special Value offers) so I won’t get much time at home then.

Happy gardening!