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13 years of Plants and Flowers with me on QVC

Posted by Richard Jackson on July 23, 2014

What a great summer it’s been (so far!) for gardening. And it’s about to get even better!

This coming weekend 26th and 27th July, we’re celebrating the 13th anniversary of my Plants and Flowers show and that means some very special offers.

Richard Jackson's 1kg Flower Power & 600g Root Booster Duo PackI’m not allowed to spoil the surprises but there are some crackers! I can mention that we’re including our limited edition duo pack – 1 kg Flower Power and 600g Rootbooster, which is almost HALF the price of our standard sized packs.

Once we’ve sold out of this special pack, we won’t have any more large packs of Flower Power available until next spring. So now’s a great time to stock up.

It’s going to be a busy weekend so I’m really pleased that my sons, Chris and Nick, will be helping me prepare for the shows.

Over the coming months, they’ll be appearing on air with some exciting new lines that they’re bringing to QVC.

Chris has already been on a pet show with our very special, all-natural dog food that we discovered when searching for a better 505007 Millington’s all natural dog food at QVC and healthier food for Rosie, our lively terrier.

Nick has helped with my 2015 Gardening Diary book (which also launches over the anniversary weekend) and he’ll be on air with me from late September when we launch a brand new range of gardening gifts.

In between the shows, there’s lots of gardening to do at home. My greenhouse tomatoes are so tall that I need a stepladder to reach the tops. I’ve pinched the tops out to stop them getting taller but, more importantly, to help them ripen faster.

My sweet peas have been amazing, about the best ever, and they survived the torrential rain last week relatively unscathed. The only plants that I’m slightly disappointed with are my lavenders, which don’t have as many flowers this summer.

I think the winter took its toll on them, but they should bounce back to their glorious best next summer.

I hope you can join me for my anniversary shows,

Happy gardening,