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Jean Vernon

Jean Vernon is a slightly quirky, bee friendly, alternative gardener. She doesn’t follow the rules and likes to push the boundaries a bit just to see what happens. She has a fascination for odd plants, especially edibles and a keen interest in growing for pollinators especially bees. She’s rather obsessed with the little buzzers. Telegraph Gardening Correspondent, mostly testing and trialing products and Editor-In-Chief for Richard Jackson’s Garden.

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Spring gardens to visit in Cornwall

Posted on in Gardens to visit

If you are fed up with the winter blues, head down south towards Cornwall for a host of great gardens that are already bursting with spring interest and colour.

Moles in the garden

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Mention moles to most gardeners and the conversation immediately turns to lawns. Lovely swaths of manicured lawn punctuated by vast and numerous mounds of freshly, finely tilled soil.

Five great early clematis

Posted on in Plants

If you love flowers in the garden then you really should consider growing clematis if you don’t already. These colourful climbers add a vibrant dimension to trellis, fencing and supports with varieties that flower right through the season.